Talking to your kids about terror attacks

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Shootings, terrorist attacks and other horrific events continue to dominate headlines around the globe. Many parents may wonder how to talk to their kids about this type of news.

Parenting experts stress that the age of children and their temperament really determines what and how much to share.

If possible, children younger than 5 do not need to be told about what happened or exposed to any of the media coverage.

Children ages 6 to 11 need just basic facts and minimal exposure to media coverage.

For teens who will most likely have heard about violent events through social media or news coverage, it is best to start by asking what they know. Parents should remain open for these emerging adults.

Parents should communicate to their children an openness and willingness to talk, answering their questions and listening to their feelings.

Remember, reassurance is one of the most important things parents can provide children during a time of tragedy.

You want to be assuring to your child that you are doing everything you can do to keep them safe.