Teachers spend President's Day in class

Published: Feb. 18, 2019 at 5:44 PM CST
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Teachers spend President's Day in class. 1600 teachers signed up for ESU 13's Midwinter Conference.

Nici Johnson, Early Childhood Development for ESU 13, says that President's Day has usually been the date set for the Midwinter Conference since she's been involved, "we try to find a day that everyone has off on their calendar at the same time."

Teachers are required by their districts to attend the conference, but the classes fill professional development requirements, and some teachers may receive continued education credits for some of the lessons available.

"Everybody is required to participate in professional development in some kind of way," said Johnson. "This is a day that kids get the day off, and teachers can come together in the panhandle and learn together."

Topics for this session include how teacher efficacy affects student learning, getting students positively engaged in their learning, and how best to use technology to improve learning.

Teachers fill out surveys after each conference, and a panel will decide what to put together for the event next year. Nici Johnson said that the evaluation assists ESU 13 create topics that are relevant and timely as well as meeting the needs for childhood educators.

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