TeamMates is looking for more volunteer mentors

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- TeamMates Mentoring of Lincoln has been around for 25 years. A student is matched with an adult. They meet once a week during the school year for an hour. Currently 1,200 students in the capital city have a mentor but according to Walter Powell, the Director, 700 students are on a waiting list.

Haileigh Lowell is a senior at Lincoln Northeast High School and has had a mentor since eight grade.

"Same mentor for five years she's put up with me for that long, yes," said Lowell.

Powell said they're trying to have 2,000 mentors in Lincoln by 2020 and said he notices a difference in students who work with one.

"Students today they're probably some of the most of the connected in history but in some cases socially they can be very disconnected, those volunteers meeting with them provide one to one undivided attention to that young person," he said.

The student gets to decide what activities they do with their mentor.
"We play board games, we talk a lot, we talk about things in our lives and it's crazy [because] even though I'm so young and she is an adult and working we have very similar lives," said Lowell.
Staci Hass has been a mentor for nine years and currently meets with Lowell.

"She's a young lady now and i think probably the biggest thing i've noticed is how much confidence she's developed," Hass.
Lowell said she feels like through her mentoring she's been able to break out of her comfort zone.

"Because of this I've been able to join theater I've done music, speech, a bunch of clubs and I actually helped start a club with a few of my friends," she said.