Technicians from state public power head to Florida

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Lincoln Electric System received orders that more than a dozen of its employees that they are heading to Florida for storm recovery efforts following Hurricane Irma.

"We're just here living our daily lives but there's people down there that need our help and we have the skills to go down there and get the job done," said Brent Foxhoven, a night service technician with LES.

"It's going to be awesome to go down there and get everybody's lights back on," he said.

34 technicians from Nebraska public power utilities, including LES, hoped to help in the aftermath of the storm.

"That's our plan right now," said Jim Fischer, the director of transmission and distribution construction for LES.

"When we get in there, we don't have any idea where we're going to stay. Some indications are that we may get moved up and down the whole state," added Fischer.

Starting after super storm Sandy back in 2012, the recovery assistance program is all part of a mutual aid group between more than 2000 public power companies across the country.

"We can do overhead and we can do underground at the same time," said Fischer.

He continued, "In some utilities they're specialized in those areas where we can pretty well take care of anything we encounter."

For technicians, like Foxhoven, who will be in the thick of the recovery efforts, it will be nice to be give people something desperately need, like electricity.

He said, "The guys when they come back and bring their stories."

"I'm looking really forward to going down there and getting some of those stories for myself because I'm sure it's going to be something I'm going to remember forever," continued Foxhoven.