Teen brutally assaulted on video by at least four others

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BELLEVUE, Neb. -- A video circulating on Facebook Monday morning shows at least four teens brutally assaulting another teen.

According to Bellevue Police, the video was allegedly taken at Freeman Park in Bellevue. In the video, four teens are shown punching, kicking and jumping on a single teen that was sitting on a park bench. The assault lasted for almost 30 seconds.

The incident was recorded by an unknown person and that video is now in the hands of Bellevue Police and it is currently unclear who owns the rights to the video.. Police believe the assault took place approximately three to four weeks ago. It is unknown if the individuals involved are juveniles or young adults.

Bellevue Police were notified of the video around 6:30 Monday morning.

Police are actively investigating this incident. Some individuals involved in this crime have been identified and officers are continuing to identify everyone involved.

Based on initial information from the investigation, the victim did sustain injury but did not seek medical attention.

Officers continue to investigate this crime and stated the individuals involved will be held accountable.

Police said multiple people came forward and brought this incident to the attention of law enforcement. Bellevue Public Schools have been made aware of the incident and continue to work in cooperation with the Police Department.