Teens accused of planning Plattsmouth attack placed in Sarpy County Juvenile Center

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Two teens accused of planning an attack on Plattsmouth High School have been placed in the Sarpy County Juvenile Center.

Cass County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday two male students, ages 15 and 16, were developing “terroristic plans" but had not yet acted. Both boys were originally in the custody of their parents and banned from school grounds. On Thursday, officials announced the teens had been placed in the Sarpy County Juvenile Center by the State Probation Office.

Detectives said the most difficult part of this investigation was dealing with hearsay. Cass County officials said one of elements required for a terroristic threat charge is the accuracy of the threat made. In all, 32 interviews were conducted consisting of over 27 hours of interviews with a total of 16 deputies involved with the investigation.

Detectives found that while the threat involved using a firearm to take lives at the school, the firearm that they planned on using was never in their possession, but locked in a safe in another county. Neither teen had access to the firearm.

In Nebraska, unless a juvenile is being charged as an adult with a felony, only a Probation Officer can place a juvenile and determine where it is they are to be placed (not law enforcement).

The teens are scheduled to go before a Juvenile Court Judge on Friday.