GI teen turns 17 Wednesday, sent to prison Thursday

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) A Grand Island boy who turned 17 on Wednesday was sentenced to prison Thursday for his part in a violent kidnapping case last summer in Grand Island.

Fernando Lopez was convicted of felony assault and aiding and abetting a kidnapping. He was sentenced today to 6-12 years in prison on each count. He will be allowed to serve the sentences at the same time.

Lopez was connected to a June 4 incident in which Tanner Fenton of Grand Island was found bound and gagged near Husker Highway and North road.

Police said Fenton, 27, had also been visibly assaulted.

Fenton told police that multiple people entered his residence, one at gunpoint and damaged his home. They assaulted him with a flashlight as well. He was then restrained and driven to Husker Hwy where he was left.

Police say Fenton suffered a broken nose and orbital socket.

Fenton's phone and vehicle were also stolen and police later found Fenton's car in L.E. Ray lake where someone had driven it into the water.

Two other suspects were involved in the case.

Alicen Cote, 17, Grand Island, was sentenced November 16 to a minimum six years in prison for each of two convictions for assault and kidnapping. She will be allowed to serve both sentences at the same time.

A third suspect, Olivia Perez, 21, faces felony kidnapping, burglary, robbery and assault charges in connection with the incident. She is scheduled to go on trial in January.

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