Development taking off in southeast Lincoln

Published: Oct. 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM CDT
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Wednesday marked opening day for one of the four businesses coming to the new GlynOaks Plaza in southeast Lincoln.

The business, Rock 'n' Joe, features coffee, wine, music and food.

It was packed with customers on Wednesday afternoon.

The opening drew a large crowd, getting customers and other tenants excited for the future.

Next door, Sebastian's Table and Honest Abe's are under construction. Establishments that have been requested by customers in South Lincoln for years.

"We're really excited to be on all sides of town," said Austin Seyfert, regional manager for Ground Up Restaurants. "We're excited to be on the south side because it's such a big and growing side of town."

The fourth Honest Abe's location is scheduled to open October 29 and Sebastian's Table should open by the end of November.

Customers say they are thrilled to have more businesses coming to the Southeast side of town.

"It's just nice," said Alyssa McManus. "It brings more commotion to the area which is always needed."

Fly Fitness is also opening a location in GlynOaks Plaza. It's scheduled to open on November 19.