Terroristic threat written on bathroom stall at Creek Valley High School

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Chappell, Neb. (KNOP) - Creek Valley School officials are telling the public about a terroristic threat written on a bathroom restroom stall in Chappell. Through a released statement, the school says the threat stated March 1st as the date of occurance.

The school says they are taking the threat seriously and so is the Deuel County Sheriff's office. The High School and Elementary School are in a lockout for today. Officials say all bags will be searched and all exterior doors are locked. All high school and elementary students must enter the building through the main entrance to begin the school day.

School officials say classes will continue as normal. High school students passing between buildings will have a staff escort at all times. Campus will be closed for lunch. This means students must either ride the bus to the elementary and back for lunch, or bring a lunch and eat it at the high school. No students will be allowed to walk or get rides at lunch time.

The statement says the high school and elementary buildings will have police presence throughout the day.

The administration of Creek Valley Schools says the kids’ safety is of the utmost importance. They plan to be vigilant in making the schools a safe and open place to learn.

People are asked to call the school at 308-874-3310 if they have any information about the alleged terroristic threat.

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