Thanksgiving travel tips

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Airlines are expected to carry over 28 million flyers over the Thanksgiving travel period. Here are some tips Lincoln Airport experts say will make your flying experience more enjoyable:

  • Arrive 60-90 minutes before your scheduled departure time.
    Check gifts or other packages with your luggage.

  • Pack food items in checked luggage.

  • Pay attention to the weather and flight schedules.

  • Use your smartphone and download your airline’s app. You can use the app to get updates on connecting flights and other travel information.

A new option for people flying from Lincoln is reserved parking in the garage, which is connected to the terminal by skywalk. Reserved parking costs an additional $3 per day above standard rates.

Packing is also pivotal. Forget an essential item and you're left disappointed and scrambling to find the nearest store in your destination. Here are a few tips and tricks for packing your suitcase:

Follow the 3-1-1 Rule
Attempt to bring a large bottle of shampoo or a full-size gel deodorant through the security line and the TSA will likely confiscate your stuff, holding you up in line in the process. So get familiar with the agency's rules: All liquids brought onto planes must be in 3.4-ounce bottles or smaller and inside a single, clear, quart-size zip-top bag.

Know your airline's baggage-fee policy
No matter what airline you fly, airlines limit travelers to check at least one bag on most flights, but the majority of U.S. carriers charge big bucks for bags checked on flights.

Preparing for holiday travel is often one of the most stressful activities of the season, with bags to pack, and long lines at the airport. Here is a list of apps you can download to make your travel experience easier:

This app helps you keep all your reservations in one convenient place; You can also share itineraries so everyone in your group is on the same page.

Get detailed weather forecasts before you leave home with Wunderground so you know what to pack, and so you can anticipate potential airport or highway delays.

If you haven't already booked your flights for the holidays, Hopper will alert you when airfares for your trip are at their lowest. The app can also alert you to great deals departing from your home airport.

Free WiFi Finder
This app will help you stay connected on the road.