The Argus Newspaper Museum

Published: Oct. 30, 2017 at 10:05 AM CDT
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In the town of Table Rock, you'll find a fascinating museum dedicated to the country newspaper. The museum is on main street and is dedicated to the former Table Rock newspaper called the "Argus". It was established in 1882, and it was in continuous operation until 1974. The Argus was a weekly paper, and in the early days there was an editor and three pressmen. The editor would gather the news, and set the type.

People can come to the newspaper museum to experience a step back in time. They can see where the type of newspapers was actually set letter by letter. There are also composing tables where the fonts were used. Then, visitors can see printing presses and even lineotype machines.

In addition to the newspaper equipment that you can see, there is also a unique picture gallery in the museum. The pictures are a visual history of Table Rock, and you can see people from Table Rock's past in the photos. "When the historical society was founded 50 years ago, one of the things people loved was photographs," Sharla Sitzman with the historical society said. "They began gathering all of the photographs that people would give them. We have probably 1,000 original photographs and I'm sure there's probably double that," Sharla said.

The Argus newspaper museum and picture gallery might make a good stop for you in Table Rock.