The Bridge Behavior Health in desperate need of men's clothing

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - You could help someone in Lincoln on their path to sobriety simply by cleaning out your closet.

The Bridge Behavioral Health, a substance use treatment center, is in desperate need of men's clothes.

Tammy Stevenson, executive director, said the Bridge provides medical withdrawal services, respite programs for substance and mental health and residential and outpatient treatment services- and the number of people seeking these services has been higher than ever this year.

Stevenson said this has put a stress on their resources as many of their clients have very little money and come in with just the clothes on their back.

"So when they come here whether its for five to seven days of treatment or two months of treatment, we like to be able to take them to our donation closet and allow them to pick out a couple of additional outfits, maybe another pair of shoes and help them feel at home while they're in treatment," Stevenson said.

They asking specifically for men's clothing, they'll accept all sizes but have a particular need for sizes 2X and larger.

You can drop donations at the Bridge Behavioral Health. They're located at 721 K street and there's a blue donation bin in the lobby.

Stevenson said providing clean clothes to a person may seem small but provides something very necessary for recovery: dignity.

"For somebody who is coming here for treatment, to put on a clean set of clothes really helps settle their mindset to address the challenges ahead of them in accessing treatment," Stevenson said.

The Bridge will also accept donations of toiletries.