Green Light Lincoln project Phase 1 results released

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LINCOLN, Neb. – As Lincoln continues to grow, so does the amount of people on the roads and the City said they're working hard to keep traffic moving smoothly and safely.

"There's the good days and there are always the bad days," said Dominique Berry, Lincoln.

The City has released the results of Phase One of the Green Light Lincoln project. They re-timed traffic signals, updated equipment, and added flashing yellow arrows along nine corridors and 121 locations. These improvements add up to a total of 33 miles.

"Phase one was great in the end we achieved a benefit cost ratio of 19:1, in other words for every dollar we spent on signal time we got 19 back in savings," said Mark Lutjeharms, Manager of Traffic Engineering, City of Lincoln.

The City said the plan will save the people of Lincoln 8.8 million dollars annually, by drivers using 575,000 fewer gallons of gas, and spending 437,000 fewer hours in traffic.

"The new traffic planning patterns have been pretty good and so I think we're getting with the program," said Galen Bolt, Lincoln.

But, not everyone thinks it's getting better.

"I try not to go out at 5 p.m., it's rush hour, it's just very stressful driving, long waits," said Nancy Lebow, Lincoln.

The City said Phase Two of the Green Light Lincoln project is already underway. It will update another 50 miles and 146 locations across the city.

"Folks should be able to see our crews out there making modifications to the field equipment, seeing heads turn vertical, see flashing yellow arrows, in these new intersections," said Lutjeharms.

He said depending on the budget the city is planning on having more phases in the future and the next would could include downtown.