The Great Lincoln Egg Hunt brings community together

(Source: KOLN).

LINCOLN, Neb (KOLN) - Right now, many parents and kids are inside with not a whole lot to do.
But one Facebook page is trying to change that.

It's called The Great Lincoln Egg Hunt and just this weekend, that page has gained thousands of members.

The Great Lincoln Egg Hunt Facebook page is all about people coloring, printing or making eggs and hanging them in windows and on doors.

Families can then walk around their neighborhood and find as many as they can.

Whether they're paper or hanging door decorations, seeing eggs is the goal.

"We printed a few new designs and coloring them last night, and finished them today,” said Kristen Smith.

10/11 NOW followed around the Smith family as they tried to spot some eggs around their neighborhood.

Mom Kristen Smith tells me it’s a fun way to get her kids outside while they're out of school right now, sitting at home bored.

"It's really fun, especially for the kids, I think they're really going to start to feel that loneliness of not being around their friends so being able to see they're able to still hang out with their friends a different way, it'll be fun,” said Smith.

The Facebook page already has over 4,000 members and is full of people posting eggs they've made and where you can find them.

You can also print out egg designs and color them in.

10/11 NOW spoke with the woman behind the group who says she started it on Friday and thought it would be something positive for not only her two kids but everyone else right now.

"It's a nice way for them to connect with people and you know, people they're not seeing. They've been away from people for two weeks now,” said Tish Kloch.

Kloch says it makes her heart happy seeing the eggs all over Lincoln and never thought it would get this big.

"I hope it puts a smile on everyone's face, at a time we can't physically be together, I hope it's bringing everyone together,” said Kloch.

Find The Great Lincoln Egg Hunt here.