"The Lincoln Light Guy" spreading holiday cheer one bulb at a time

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- It doesn't quite feel like it outside, but the Christmas season is just around the corner. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be hard to find the time to decorate. However, that's what one man does best. Michael Battles is lighting up Lincoln one home at a time.

Battles started his business in October, calling himself "The Lincoln Light Guy."

"It stuck," Battles said. "It's what a lot of people call me now."

His goal of 20 houses is already at 30 in mid-November. He not only hangs lights, but brings holiday cheer with him from house to house by blasting Christmas music on a loud speaker.

"You kind of got to get in the spirit while you're doing it," Battle said. "If you know the music, you might as well sing along and whistle with it."

"He didn't charge me anything for the music, and this time of year if you just let people do what they do well and you do what you do well, everybody wins," Customer John Hejl said.

Hejl saw Battles putting lights up at his neighbors home and asked for a bid.

"Over the years I've put up lights several times myself and [I] got a lot of things going on this holiday season and I figured hey, let's get ahead of the curve," Hejl said. "Nice weather, let's get it done and get it behind us. Something my family always appreciates and so I thought we'd do it, surprise everybody."

Depending on what a homeowner wants decorated, Battles gives each person a bid. He charges $2.25 a foot to put lights up and also offers to take them down for $1.25 a foot.

This is Battles' first year of business in Lincoln.

"I really love Christmas," Battles said. "It's my favorite holiday. I love looking at lights. It's always been a thing of mine."