The Pink Palace

If you are hungry in the Panhandle, you can't miss the Pink Palace in the small community of McGrew.

Jody and Angie Buskirk are the owners of the restaurant, and they believe it was painted pink back in the middle 1970's. "Somebody got a good deal on pink paint, and decided to paint it pink. Now you have to keep it pink," Angie joked. The building was originally a hotel. It was built in 1911 as a hotel for the railroad. "It was a bar and hotel. They had a barbershop in the corner, a few pool tables, and then they had a staircase that went upstairs to where the rooms were," Angie said.

Jody and Angie bought the business in 1998, and had never really operated a restaurant before. Angie worked at the Pink Palace for five years before the couple decided to buy it. What's it been like owning the Pink Palace? "Interesting," Angie said. "It's fun. The people are great, and that is the good thing about it."

The Pink Palace is known for it's prime rib on Friday nights. "We have rib eyes, too, but we started in 2001, and people just love the prime rib here," Angie said. Other items on the menu include burgers, homemade enchiladas, tacos, and mountain oysters. "We make our own burgers, I hand patty them," Angie said. The restaurant also features a back room for meetings, and the Pink Palace offers sand volleyball in the summer. The Pink Palace is open seven days a week on main street in McGrew.