The Sandhill cranes are back

The annual crane migration is underway, and by the beginning of March, visitors will be arriving in full force to central Nebraska.

We recently talked with Bill Taddicken, who is the director of the Rowe Sanctuary. He says most of the cranes usually start coming by Valentine's Day. "This is the only place in the world where this amount of cranes get together," Taddicken said. "There's nowhere else in the world where you can see this. And there's a lot of people. So when you are on the roads, just be aware of traffic laws. Don't stop on the roads or the interstate, as some people have been known to do over the years, just because they get excited to see the birds. Just be careful and enjoy."

The cranes will be in central Nebraska for about six to eight weeks, so there is plenty of time to see them. If you'd like to go into a blind and see the natural spectacle in the early morning or evening, you might consider doing so at Rowe Sanctuary near Gibbon. You can get on their website at, and sign up on-line, or you can call them.