The Walgren Lake Monster

WALGREN, Neb.- The legend of the Walgren Lake monster goes all the way back to the early 1920's, and the people of Hay Springs are hoping to keep the legend alive for years to come.

Taryn Vanderford recently talked with the mayor of Hay Springs about the Walgren Lake monster, which is Nebraska's version of the Loch Ness monster. "They claim it was eating cattle, and scaring farmers, it made a heck of a noise, and clouds came over when he came out of the water," Mayor Richard McKay said. No pictures have ever been taken of the monster.

Walgren Lake is located southeast of Hay Springs. People do camp and fish there. Mayor McKay says there really haven't been any sightings for a long time, and some people say the monster has burrowed deep into the bottom of the lake and has gone into hibernation!

Whether you believe it or not, local residents are glad the legend exists. People do come to Hay Springs to learn more about the "monster". There is a mural on a wall downtown of the monster that was created by school art students. And, you can see other memorabilia about the monster at the Hay Springs Heritage Center museum.