The White Cane Foundation aims to help kids in need at Belmont Elementary

The White Cane Foundation makes sure kids at Belmont Elementary have the things they need to succeed. (Source: KOLN)

LINCOLN, Neb. - When their own children moved out, Dave and Kelly Lauer say they wanted to give back to other kids in the community.

"We wanted to retire toward something, not just retire just to retire," Kelly Lauer said. "You can only play so much golf."

Today, their organization, The White Cane Foundation makes sure kids at Belmont Elementary have the things they need to succeed.

Each child is given a top, a pair of pants, two pairs of socks and underwear and a new pair of shoes.

"I mean, we all like new clothes and it just makes you feel good and I think you do better in school that way," Lauer said.

Everything is made possible by donors.

The Lauer's say they chose Belmont Elementary because they saw a window of opportunity.

"Over 83% of our children qualify for free and reduced lunch," said Principal Kim Rosenthal. "This is helping their families meet a need."

The Lauer's modeled the White Cane Foundation after a similar organization in St. Louis, the Little Bit Foundation.

The idea for the White Cane Foundation came in January, and originally, the Lauer's thought it would take years before they would be able to set up a space in a school. But, they pitched the idea, and Belmont Elementary immediately said yes.

While it's new to the school this school year, the White Cane Foundation has already helped 30 kids, and the principal says she can already see an impact.

"We all perform better when we feel good about ourselves or when we are comfortable," Rosenthal said. "So when we have clothes that fit us or shoes that fit us, make us feel confident, we are going to perform better in the classroom."

Lauer says she too can feel an impact.

"We send each kid home with a note that explains our organization and says, 'These were handpicked for your child from the White Cane Foundation,'" Lauer says. "Children are our light to the future."

If you'd like to donate to the White Cane Foundation, you can contact them here.