The Wildwoods share their folk music with the masses, Apr. 8, 2019

Published: Apr. 8, 2019 at 6:38 PM CDT
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Lincoln is a big enough city that it's possible to grow up right down the street to someone and never even know they exist. And that was precisely the case with with Chloe and Noah Gose. Fortunately, fate brought them together in 2012.

Chloe recalls, "We actually met each other when we were 14, right after we graduated the 8th grade. We became friends and fell in love."

These two dated through their time at Lincoln Pius X. Chloe says, "All throughout high school we did the folk band stuff and we played shows every weekend, that's how we made money. We didn't have fast food like jobs, we just played shows every single weekend and we made pretty good money doing that for being high school kids."

The Wildwoods released their first album in 2014 and Chloe and Noah got married in may of 2018. Chloe says, "I think the first thing we want to do when we graduate is tour full-time and play music together for as long as we can."

The Wildwoods have a party scheduled for the release of their 4th album. Noah says, "It will be a great time. Our past release shows have always been a ton of fun."

Chloe & Noah invite you to join them for the album release party coming up on Saturday, April 20th at the Talon room in The Haymarket.


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