The bridge of Johnson County

COOK, Neb.- The close-knit community of Cook features something very unique: a covered bridge.

A road that comes into Cook features this bridge, that looks very much like something you'd find in Vermont. "We had a Centennial in 1988, and we generated a lot of funds from that," former town board member Dave Armknecht said. "We were trying to find something to improve the community and use the money for the betterment of everybody in town." It turns out that a man named Duane Carman came up with an idea to build the covered bridge. "He had a son that was attending Southeast Community College, and he was in architecture and building construction, and he drew up some plans. Duane went to the town librarian to look at books of various covered bridges, and they found this design," Dave said. The design is based on a bridge out of Vermont.

Duane Carman passed away in the 90's, and the bridge is now the "Duane E. Carman Memorial Bridge". The material that was used to make the bridge came from old barn wood in the area. "When we first built that we had buses of people come down and take a look at it," Dave said.

Cook residents do take pride in the town. In the early 1990's, Cook won an award from the Jack Daniels Distillery in Tennessee for being the "Best Small Town in America". You can see the award in the Cook Community Center.

Be sure to enjoy this small town, and have a picnic next to the nice covered bridge in Cook, that residents worked together to create.