The story of the Fuller automobile

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 10:43 AM CST
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Angus, Nebraska was once the site of a car manufacturing business, and we traveled to the Nuckolls County Museum to get the details.

During a visit to the museum, we talked to Steve Renz about the Fuller Automobile. The museum has one on display. The owner of the vehicle is from Red Cloud, and the car is a 1908 Fuller. It's extremely rare, and in fact, is the only one known to exist. "They were built from 1907 to 1909," Renz said. "The Angus car manufacturing business does not exist anymore." It turns out, the automobile business was short-lived.

"This car was tested and driven at the Nuckolls County Fairgrounds," Renz said. "In 1908, it had reached speeds of around 80 miles per hour. That brought a lot of interest from people in Omaha. Business people in Omaha had offered the Fuller family and the other stockholders a good sum of money. The majority of stockholders did not want to sell, but the Fuller family did." Since the Fuller family did not want to continue, and did not want to move the factory to Nelson, the stockholders and the Fuller family split ways at that time.

"The Fuller car was a vehicle ahead of its time," Renz said. "The Fuller family had been in the blacksmith business from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Charlie Fuller, who was the main person who built the Fuller car and designed it, had a lot of experience with building automobiles." But when Fuller severed ties with the company, the company folded.

Renz says the car at the Nuckolls County Museum has a number of unique features. The vehicle is believed to have 16 to 18 coats of paint. The car features carbide lights. "That was a generation system of gas that was converted to acetylene, and there was a flame inside the headlights," Renz said. "The upholstery is all leather, and the Fuller was a very expensive car. When you see the car, it always makes a person wonder how far the car could have gone if it continued to be built."

Check out the Fuller Automobile, and other great old vehilces during a visit to the Nuckolls County Museum in Superior.

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