This week's legislative wrap-up

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Title X funding, medical marijuana and raising the speed limits on Nebraska roads are all part of this week's legislative wrap-up with NET's Fred Knapp.

Governor Pete Ricketts wants to deny Title X to clinics that have abortion services. That would rule out Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood said "we don't use those funds for abortions." Critics of Planned Parenthood say if you subsidize them to provide birth control, that indirectly supports abortion services.

The topic of medical marijuana was in committee this week. Senator Anna Wishart of Lincoln wants to get the issue in front of voters on the November ballot.

In previous years there have been bills and people who support medical marijuana and say it's a safe alternative to opioids for relieving pain.

People who are against it still say it's illegal federally and will cause all sorts of problems.

The new twist, Knapp said, is it could go before voters and Sen. Wishart presented a poll commissioned by the pro-marijuana Marijuana Policy Project that actually showed 77 percent support legalizing it if it were on the ballot among Nebraska voters.

The proposal to raise speed limits on Nebraska highways is still in committee, Knapp said, but the proposal is to raise it from 75 mph possibly up to 80 mph on the interstate, for sections of it. And from 60 mph to 65 mph on some state highways.

People who are in favor say it would be a more efficient transportation system.

People who are against it say it would increase the costs of accidents and lead to increase fatalities.

And that's this week's legislative wrap-up.