Tick season starting early this year

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - As the days get warmer more ticks can be found. Experts say it’s well into tick season and this year has already been bad.

UNL Entomologist Jody Green showing dead ticks that were collected from a dog. (Source: KOLN)

Jody Green has been with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Entomology Department for the last three years.

"April was high tick season, and I was out here last week and I got maybe 20 ticks," Green said.

Green stresses that it’s important to check yourself and your pet for ticks after being outside.

"Ticks will get on your body pretty low and then climb up," Green said.

After a long winter many people are eager to get out and enjoy the nice days. While venturing off the trail may seem fun, it’s often filled with more ticks.

"They will get really close to the ground and be on a blade of grass," Green said.

Ticks can be found in parks, on trails, or in people's yard. They also can carry a variety of diseases.

If you are to get a tick, Green has some advice. “You want to remove the tick as fast as possible because the longer it stays attached the more likely it can transmit a disease if it’s an infected tick."