Timetable established for building new Beatrice fire station

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Beatrice city officials have mapped out a timetable for the planning and construction of the new Beatrice Fire and Rescue headquarters, which will be built along U.S. Highway 77, just south of the downtown area.

Mayor Stan Wirth says the development of the new station’s design is nearly finished. The date is October 11th, with a presentation of the design to the city council on October 21st. Wirth says construction documents would be the next phase, presented to the city council on December 2nd....with the plans being finalized in January, on the 20th.
The project would be bid on January 24th and it will take about a month to receive bids.

"Around February 27th is the date that is picked, so far. Bids would be submitted to the city council by March 2nd, and then construction would start shortly thereafter", Wirth said.

The new station will be funded through a bond issue, backed by local sales tax revenue. Voters last November, approved an additional half-cent local tax to support the project. The new station will replace the cramped quarters the department has long used, in the lower level of the Beatrice Municipal Auditorium.
Demolition at the selected site will begin late this year. Wirth said at this Monday night’s city council meeting, the hiring of a consulting firm will be considered to deal with soil compaction study.

Meanwhile the city nearing the closing dates on properties being purchased at the site of the new fire station.
"Monday, we'll close on the Houseman property. On September 20th, on MRW Rentals. October 14th, there's another rental property that we'll close on, then on November 4th, we'll close on the Kleveland and Claussen properties", the mayor said.

The city council approved options on the properties in August.

Taken together, the block between 6th and 7th…and Bell and Scott Streets, would be purchased for a total of about $497,500.
Recently, the city chose to use the eminent domain process to secure some property at the south end of the block, after being unable to reach agreement with the owner on a purchase price.