Tips for warming up your car in the winter

LINCOLN, Neb. Before the 1980s cars had engines that needed those extra 10 minutes to warm up but now local experts say if you do choose to warm up before you hit the road, keep it quick.

The EPA says idling for 30 seconds actually uses more fuel than restarting your car.

One mechanic told our sister station, in new cars, idling for five to 10 minutes can actually cause damage.

H.I.S. Auto Care in Lincoln says warming your car can allow fluids to de-freeze and gives engine lights a little more time to register but don't do it for too long.

"Generally one to two minutes is perfect," said Jonathon Furnas. "It lets the systems do an overall check. Make sure no lights are going to pop on. Anything longer than that generally is not gonna do anything but warm up your car."

AAA says that quickest way to warm up and save fuel in your car is to start and drive your car right away.

Mechanics also say, if you do plan on driving your car right away, always be gentle with the gas pedal. Otherwise you might put unnecessary stress on your engine.