WalletHub ranks top colleges and universities in Nebraska

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Published: Nov. 6, 2017 at 5:40 AM CST
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With years of state budget cuts to higher education affecting the cost and quality of schools some research is showing that public institutions can outperform private colleges.

WalletHub’s analysts compared nearly 1,000 higher-education institutions in the U.S. based on different key measures grouped into categories to help aid future college students in making the right choice for the next four years.

WalletHub recently released the top schools to attend in Nebraska for 2018.

WalletHub’s top ten Nebraska colleges for 2018

1.Creighton University

2.Nebraska Wesleyan University

3.Grace University

4.Hastings College

5.University of Nebraska-Lincoln

6.York College

7.Doane College

8.University of Nebraska-Kearney

9.University of Nebraska-Omaha

10.Midland University

By using seven key categories: 1) Student Selectivity, 2) Cost & Financing, 3) Faculty Resources, 4) Campus Safety, 5) Campus Experience, 6) Educational Outcomes and 7) Career Outcomes.

WalletHub was able to breakdown why the top Nebraska colleges were given their ranking.

The top Nebraska school Creighton University received an:

Admission Rate 5th place

Gender/Race diversity 5th place

On-campus crime 10th place

Graduation rate 1st place

The next school is Nebraska Wesleyan University an:

Admission Rate 6th place

Gender/Race diversity 10th place

On-campus crime 3rd place

Graduation rate 2nd place

Finally the third best Nebraska University, Grace University received:

Admission Rate 2nd place

Gender/Race diversity 4th place

On-campus crime 9th place

Graduation rate 5th place