Touring a Superior Victorian home

We recently toured a Superior Victorian home, that was also the central point for a successful toy drive in the community at Christmas.

Brian Splater says the home he lives in was built in 1885. "It was started in 1885, and finished in 1886 by Captain Clair Adams and his wife Abby Adams," Splater said. "During that time, a lot has changed in the house. The staircase that is now here, was not originally here when he built the home. 1912 is when he added the staircase. About six years ago, the house was lifted up and a basement was put in it. A bedroom and bathroom was added upstairs." Even though there's been quite a bit of work and changes, the main four rooms of the house are pretty much original.

This Victorian home was a site of a toy drive effort that started in November of 2019. "Our kids decided they wanted to give back to those less fortunate at Christmas," Splater said. "What we did is we posted on our Facebook pages that we were looking for good quality used toys. We didn't get used toys. The community brought us 275 new toys in 2 and a 1/2 weeks time. We took 185 toys to Children's Hospital on December 5th. We handed out 60 toys at a December 13th Victorian Christmas open house here in Superior, and donated some bikes to Toys for Tots, and we took the rest to the St. Joseph's Catholic Church." The toy drive is known as "E and J's Magical Toy Drive", and the goal is to continue with it again next year.

Splater says he's developed a Facebook page called "Ambassadors of Kindness". He says they update people on the 2019 toy drive on that page, and would look to do that again during the Christmas season of 2020.

By the way, Superior is billed as "Nebraska's Victorian Capital". So, if you'd like to see some beautiful homes with ornate Victorian architecture, you can find plenty of them by driving around town.