Trade-A-Tape Comic Center celebrates Batman on 80th Anniversary

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - September 21st marks 80 years of Batman. Trade-A-Tape Comic Center in Lincoln held a promotional event to celebrate. Shoppers could receive several free Batman comic books as well as purchase discounted backorders of books.

For the Diaz family, browsing racks of comic books is something several generations have grown up doing. Antonio Diaz came to Trade-A-Tape Comic Center with his dad and now he comes with his children.

"It's never a short visit," said Desiree Criesforribs, Diaz's wife.

"We came for the free Batman Day," added Diaz. "All our kids are dressed up in their Batman gear."

Diaz and Criesforrib's children are big Batman fans. All four of them were decked out in Batman style clothing. The family came today to catch up on their Batman comic books.

"We have three different Batman comics that we're giving away, all geared toward younger readers," said John Doan, the owner of Trade-A-Tape Comic Center.
Promotional events like this and Free Comic Book Day are key in the success of Trade-A-Tape Comic Center. Doan said the events help draw in potential readers and even help readers recognize what the store has to offer.
"There is a shelf-life to a reader. Sometimes things in life happen, you have kids, you move out of town, you lose interest," said Doan. "And events like this may appeal to them."

For the Diaz family, Free Comic Book Day and Batman Day are a draw to the store of course, but the family also likes to keep their money local.

"Continue to support the local shops, but also kind of build a tradition with our own family that my husband had with his dad," said Criesforribs.

Doan said the more that readers are able to recognize Trade-A-Tape Comic Center, the more likely they are to stop in and shop. Said Doan:

"If we could get like one half of one percent of a comic book movie goer to start reading comics, it would probably quadruple sales nationwide."