Trails and Rails Museum

KEARNEY, Neb.- There are many fascinating places to see in Kearney. One museum that you'll want to put on your itinerary is the Trails and Rails Museum. "We highlight Buffalo County's vast history," Executive Director Jennifer Murrish said. "Anything that you can imagine that is related to Buffalo County, we have it here."

Murrish says the buildings on the property that can be toured through are all from Buffalo County. "We also have all of the archives," Murrish said. "So any paper documents from our county. If you want to do research on your grandpa, or you think you had a relative that lived here, we have those records and pictures."

Trails and Rails museum features a steam locomotive, and that is fitting in that the theme at the museum is all about transportation. There is an emphasis on the Mormon Trail, as 11th street in Kearney is the Mormon Trail, and that is where the museum is located. There is also a focus on the railroads, because that brought many people to the area, and that's how many people came to Nebraska to homestead.

Some of the other buildings include a one-room schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, a livery barn, a freighter's hotel, and a train depot. Museum officials are especially excited about the brand new addition called the "Family History Center." This offers a new lobby, check-in location, gift shop area, and offices. But the majority of phase one is for archives. "We are making history by preserving the area's history," Murrish said about the new facility.

For more information on the museum and hours, try the website