Trial of Charles Starkweather on stage

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- When it comes to serial killers or spree killers our area has known two in the last decade. But long before there was Anthony Garcia or Nikko Jenkins – one man struck fear in an entire state. The story is once again on the big stage.

Inside the old city hall in Florence, rehearsal for the next community theater performance is underway. For the actors, the script doesn’t call for any singing or dancing. Instead this show examines a much publicized piece of Nebraska’s past: Charles Starkweather – a madman and a spree killer.

The teenager’s actions terrorized the state in 1958. By the time he was caught – along with his 14-year-old girlfriend – Starkweather had murdered 11 people.

“The fear the entire state was feeling – knowing this man was on the loose and nobody knew where he was going to show up next,” said Director Molly Anderson.

Anderson wants to reassure theater-goers that the crimes aren’t committed on stage. The story is more about panic felt by a state – and the trial of two teens told through the eyes of the media and first responders. After all – it’s Nebraska history.

“Starkweather” will be performed this Thursday through Sunday at the Florence Community Theater.

Tickets are $10 and the show is rated “R.” To find tickets click on the link to the right.