TripAdvisor releases Thanksgiving travel survey

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Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. In fact, 48 percent are traveling today for the holiday based on the results from TripAdvisor’s Annual Thanksgiving Travel Survey.

The roads and airports will be the busiest today as 75 percent are driving and 23 percent are flying to their destinations.

According to the survey, more people are flying today as air travel has increased by 6 percent compared with last year. However, the majority of drivers are traveling shorter distances today with 49 percent driving up to 50 miles or less.

As many people will be partaking in a special Thanksgiving meal, the survey asked respondents their favorite traditional Thanksgiving food worth traveling for. Based on the results:
· 64 percent said turkey was their favorite
· 60 percent are looking forward to stuffing
· 42 percent will enjoy mashed potatoes
· 39 percent will eat cranberry sauce with their meal
· 39 percent will enjoy pumpkin pie for dessert