Truck drivers waiting out snow storm in Lincoln

Published: Nov. 26, 2019 at 10:45 PM CST
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Truckers are some of the most experienced drivers out there but this storm’s been enough to halt many here in Lincoln.

Glen Doggett has been a truck driver for 30 years. He was in Colorado yesterday and drove from Sidney to Lincoln today.

“Should’ve taken me five, five and a half hours and I think it took me eight to get here,” said Doggett. “A lot of the road you couldn’t even see.”

He says it’s not the worst conditions he has ever seen.

“I had an ice storm back in the 80s,” said Doggett. “I shut down for three days in Texas.”

The common factor that takes him and many other truck drivers off the road remains the same.

“It turned icy,” said Joe Widdowson another truck driver. “I had a car swerve in front of me, I avoided him and I decided it was time to get off the road.”

That ice can also weigh down a truck, making for an even more dangerous trip.

“You’re allowed 34,000 on your axles and my gauges say I got 38,000 on the back,” said Doggett. “I’ve got four thousand extra pounds on my trailer.”

Doggett says for other drivers on the interstate it’s important to keep an extra keep eye out for trucks when conditions like this come into play.

“You wanna stay a couple hundred feet apart,” said Doggett. “A lot of people don’t like it but we got to go around them if we slow up then that makes a chain effect of everybody having to slow up.”

While the road conditions are less than ideal tonight, experts say that if you are hoping to travel for the holidays that Wednesday will be the best day to do it.

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