Man arrested following assault of two Lincoln Police officers

Published: Apr. 10, 2018 at 5:20 AM CDT
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A man brought in for questioning for a copper piping theft is in custody after assaulting two Lincoln Police officers.

Lincoln Police said investigators brought 43-year-old Mitchell Wachter in late Monday night.

The incident in question occurred on April 5 in the 2200 Block of N 53rd Street. Police said Wachter pulled a gun on a neighbor who spotted him acting suspiciously. Wachter allegedly threatened to shoot the victim.

The neighbor was able to take photos of Wachter and his license plate.

After being brought in for questioning on Monday, Wachter tried to leave the interview room just after midnight and punched an officer in the face several times. During the struggle, a second officer hurt his leg.

Officers deployed a taser on the suspect to get him into handcuffs.

Both officers were taken to the hospital and have since been released. One officer suffered cuts to the face and mouth, as well as abrasions to his cheek and neck.

The other officer suffered a knee injury and slight abrasions.

Police said Wachter is facing several charges including assault on an officer, possession of a deadly weapon, terroristic threats, and burglary.