Two arrested in connection to Lincoln gun store burglaries

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Two men are facing charges in connection to four different burglaries in the Capitol City.

Lincoln Police arrested 24-year-old Tremain Berks, of Lincoln, and 26-year-old Alexander White, of Lincoln, on Sunday, February 5.

The first burglary was at Acher Arms Pawn shop, near 33rd and A Street, on Christmas morning. Lincoln Police say 23 firearms were stolen in the burglary.

Later in the morning on December 25, a second pawn shop was broken into. Police say nothing was stolen from Moore Pawn, near 16th and M Streets.

Five days later, on December 30, 16 firearms were stolen from BigShots Indoor Range and Gun Store, near Sun Valley Boulevard and Victory Lane.

The fourth and final burglary was at Randolph Jewelry and Loan, at 27th and Randolph, on January 8. During the break-in, a plastic bag was left behind. A print on that bag was traced back to Berks.

A search of Berks' cell phone revealed three photos. The first photo was an image taken on December 27 of nine handguns. After enlarging the photos, and identifying a serial number, investigators were able to determine at least one of the guns was stolen from Acher Arms. Another photo on Berks' phone was taken on December 30 and showed 16 handguns. Police have determined those 16 handguns were stolen from BigShots. After several searches at different locations, investigators have recovered one of the firearms stolen from BigShots.

According to Lincoln Police, cell phone analysis lead police to White has a co-conspirator.

Berks was arrested for four counts of burglary. White was arrested for one count of accessory for his involvement in the burglary at Big Shots and one count of aiding and abetting for his involvement in the burglary at Acher Arms.

Police are continuing their efforts to find the firearms and determine if anyone was involved or purchased the firearms. Additional arrests are possible.