Two burglars caught in the act, arrested

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln Police arrested two people while trying to burglarize an auto shop on Saturday.

LPD said around 6 a.m., the owner of A&R Auto, near Sun Valley Blvd., was alerted by his business security surveillance system that someone was inside the shop.

Officers arrived and saw that the two were still inside the building, police said.

Cory Golden, 27, was arrested as he tried to kick down a door trying to escape, and Ilario Bravo, 32, was found hiding in a closet, according to authorities.

Over $3,000 worth of items were either piled into the middle of the floor or moved to the suspect’s car, but all merchandise was recovered.

Golden was arrested for burglary and possession of burglar tools, and Bravo arrested for burglary.