Two construction workers hit by cars in three days

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Two construction workers were hit by vehicles within three days this week. Friday morning a man was putting up a construction sign around 16th St. and Old Cheney. According to the Lincoln Police Department the driver was going eastbound on Old Cheney.

She took her eyes off the road to check the lane next to her when she looked forward she saw a stopped car in front of her.

On Wednesday near 31st St. and Superior LPD said a drunk 78-year-old woman hit a construction worker and he is still in critical condition.

Mark Sergrestrom, road safety project coordinator for the Nebraska Safety Council said people need to be more aware of their surroundings and construction zones.

"This is a peak time for construction they're trying to get the projects wrapped up before the Winter flies and there's a lot of projects around the city and we need to be aware of that."

Heath Smith lost his father in a construction accident 16 years ago. He was fixing potholes on "O" St. near 56th St. when a drunk driver hit and killed him.

"This person that just hit them doesn't know what they've changed for the rest of their life maybe these people will pass away maybe they won't walk again but they don't deserve it they're out here working for their lives," said Smith.

He said he still worries about construction workers when he drives by them.

"My thoughts never leave what happened to me and I'm such a weirdo because I'll drive by and I'll say gosh those guys have to be careful and you look around and everyone's on their phone and they're going past you and it says 40 and I'm already going 40 what are they driving," said Smith.