Two rescued after crash near Cortland

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Cortland Fire personnel pulled two people from a vehicle that was filling up with water, after going off a U.S. Highway in northern Gage County, during snowy conditions Saturday morning.

Gage County Sheriff’s investigators say the car, driven by 41-year-old Bobbie Rodriguez, of Beatrice, was traveling north on U.S. Highway 77, when her vehicle slid off the east side of the highway and into a ditch.

The vehicle landed nose-down in a small creek, a half- mile south of East Aspen Road.

Rodriguez called authorities at 7:54 a.m., Saturday, to say her 2008 Toyota Scion had slid off the highway, and that the interior of the car was filling with water. The driver could only give a description of between Cortland and Filley, on U.S. Highway 77.

Dispatchers from Southeast Communications in Beatrice were able to triangulate the 9-1-1 call made from a cell phone and relay the information to a sheriff’s investigator who was in the area.

The investigator found the vehicle stuck in a creek at a 45-degree angle. It had left the highway and was not visible from the road.

Cortland Fire officials used extrication equipment to remove the driver and a passenger from the flooding vehicle. Both were taken to Bryan LGH West Medical Center in Lincoln for treatment of exposure.

Both occupants of the car had been wearing seatbelts and slick highway conditions were a factor in the accident.