Two restaurants and brewery set for grand opening Monday

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Hiro 88, LOCAL Beer Patio and Kitchen, and 5168 Brewing are holding a grand opening for their new 12,000 square foot building Monday night.

It's located right off of 56th and Pine Lake Road.

For the evening, the restaurants partnered with the Teammates Mentoring program and part of the proceeds Monday will go to Teammates.

The event is also an opportunity for meet former Husker players while enjoying the new building, an open bar, entertainment and complimentary food.

Charlie Yin, the co-owner of LOCAL Beer Patio and Hiro 88, said the food business is in his family's blood.

Yin's family has seven restaurants across Lincoln and Omaha, but now they are adding a craft brewery to their resume.

Yin says he's excited to start something new in the south side of town.

"When it comes to being able to brew our own been this is an adventure for everyone in our family," said Yin.

Craft beer is a booming industry in Lincoln. This new location will have a Hiro 88, LOCAL and the first ever 5168 Brewing.

Yin says 5168 is an abbreviation for "may you have a fast road to success or may you have like a very smooth road to success."

All the beer will be brewed in house and they have hired Brian Hoesing to craft every brew.

Hoesing says in a 5168 Brewing video the key part is that everything is clean, well made, approachable and flavorful.

IPAs, an Asian lager and a Hawaiian porter will all be featured on the menu.

"He makes good product," said Yin. "We're excited to have him on board."

The new site isn't the only place where you will get to try this beer.

Yin said they are going to distribute to the new locations and have their product on tap at all their restaurants.

But if you ask Yin what his favorite feature of the new location is, he will tell you it's outside.

"We sort of had a vision that it would be amazing to be able to build a patio that sort of overlooked the pond," said Yin.

A wrap around patio deck will be open when its warmer outside and will be able to seat 150 people.

"We'd like to encourage families to come and enjoy what we've built," said Yin.

He adds that it's not just a bar or high-end restaurant, it's some place they would like the community to enjoy as a whole.