UNK frat member arrested for sexual assault

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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) Kearney police arrested a member of a suspended UNK fraternity this week for sexual assault.

Police arrested Miguel Guzman, 20, Kearney, February 26th for a reported sexual assault that occurred on February 24. The incident happened in a residence off campus at 2018 12th Avenue in Kearney. Prosecutors have charged Guzman with first degree sexual assault. Court records with details about the incident were sealed by the court. A preliminary hearing on the case is scheduled March 19. If convicted, Guzman could get up to 50 years in prison.

Wednesday UNK announced that the campus chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity had been suspended by the Executive Office of the International Fraternity. UNK confirmed that Guzman was enrolled at the school and that he was a member of the fraternity. But the school was not able to confirm that the Guzman arrest was related to the suspension. The University declined to provide further details citing student privacy regulations.

Sigma Lambda Beta has 120 chapters across the country and is headquartered in Iowa. Executive Director Javier Romano told Local4 that they have ordered the UNK chapter to "cease and desist" fraternity activities until an investigation is complete. When asked if the "cease and desist" order was related to the Guzman arrest, Romano declined to comment.

Suspension of operations prohibits fraternity social events, academic programming, new member activities and other on- and off-campus events until further notice.
The university is also investigating potential violations of the student code of conduct.

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