UNL's Strive to Thrive Program serves non-profits in Lincoln

Published: Apr. 22, 2019 at 6:37 PM CDT
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It would be one thing to be working with fictional money and discussing hypothetical situations, but the 50 UNL students this semester that have had the chance to be a part of the "Leading People and Projects" class got to see what $10,000 can do to not just provide a band-aid, but allow for a very real lasting change to be made.

Kemery Myers was one of 50 business majors this semester that were tasked with the challenge of finding the best way to allocate the money, "I think for me, even from the very beginning, the difference between helping and serving has stuck with me the entire class. We go out in the community and we see these non-profits and we work with people and you could tell that there was a lot of passion with it."

Each semester, Lincoln philanthropist Rhonda Seacrest provides funding that is used in supporting this project, "The Strive to Thrive program is a wonderful example of that impact that these students are having on the charitable environment now and what they will have going forward because it's obvious that our future is in very safe hands with them."

This semester, the Strive to Thrive students took a close look at 28 non-profits around Lincoln and then after narrowing their search, they went and visited 13 organizations to see which non-profits most closely aligned with the class mission.