UNL's Virtual Field Trip to Morrill Hall

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Thousands of school kids across America and Canada got the chance to visit Nebraska today without leaving their classrooms.
They all took part in a virtual field trip of mammoth proportion.

Annie Mumgaard is the virtual education coordinator at Morrill Hall and today, through the magic of cameras and computers, Annie got to share here wisdom about elephants with more that a hundred and fifty classrooms. Annie says, "You know that is the beautiful thing of virtual learning is that you can go and break down your classroom walls and go visit the world. Virtual learning is a great way to bring the world into your classroom and we do it through our technology. Kids have no intimidation with the flat screen, they talk to me just as though I'm in the room to them, it's a pretty amazing thing."

What's also amazing is how many students can be interacted with at the exact same time. Annie explains, "When we decided to offer this 'Elephants in America' program, our original goal was a thousand students. Peter and I thought we'd be great if we could get a thousand and at last count I heard that we had 5,120 students come today."

Annie says she would like to have every classroom in Nebraska come and visit Morrill Hall via virtual field trips.