USDA says it has more info to present against Nebraska dog breeders

Published: Mar. 14, 2017 at 12:01 AM CDT
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1011 News has obtained new records that indicate the United States Department of Agriculture has new information in its case against two southeastern Nebraska dog breeders.

In the original 2016 complaint, the USDA claimed Linda Hager and Edward Ruyle committed more than 300 violations against the Animal Welfare Act during inspections done 2011 – 2014. Some of the inspections found things like overflowing waste material and 50 dogs in need of vet care, including one instance where a puppy died during the inspection.

Court documents from the original complaint suggested that the USDA could potentially fine the two breeders more than three million dollars.

According to new court documents, the USDA has new evidence it claims is related to the original claim involving what the breeders have been up to through January of this year. However, the document did not indicate what that evidence is. 1011 News has reached out to the USDA, requesting more information on this case.

The hearing for the original complaint, was set for March 14th, 2017, however that hearing was suspended.