Uber tipping has arrived in Lincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Uber is now making it easier for riders to tip drivers.

The company announced the new feature on Monday.

The change is part of Uber's "180 Days of Change" initiative it announced last month, which aims to improve the experience for both drivers and riders over the next few months.

With the new feature, drivers simply have to turn on the tipping feature in their app, which then allows riders to tip them and adds the total tip to their weekly summary, which can be cashed out at any time using Instant Pay, just like other earnings.

For riders, you can the ability to tip your driver after rating them when the trip is completed. If riders decide to tip the driver, they can easily choose from preset tip amounts or select a custom amount.

Riders will have 30 days to add a tip after the trip has ended.

Uber also announced that the company will match drivers' tips for one day: Tuesday, July 18.

The company said any tip given to a driver for a trip taken on July 18, within the 24 hours of the day, will be matched by the company and added to the driver's total.

The tipping feature is available for both Uber riders and UberEATS customers nationwide.