Unbeatable 0.5K fun run comes to Lincoln

Runners at the starting line prepare for the Unbeatable 0.5K. (Source: Mackenzie Huck, KOLN)

LINCOLN, Neb. - Most of us will probably not finish a marathon, but today, The Railyard played host to the run for the rest of us: The Unbeatable 0.5K.

"So, 0.5K is about 542 yards, and we think that's about 19,000 inches, but we aren't sure," said Megan Misegadis, President of Autism Society of Nebraska, who hosted the event.

The lighthearted jab at "real" races like 5Ks and marathons featured a series of "self-care" stations along the route, to protect runners.

"We have a blister station, a chafing station, a napping station," Misegadis said. "Everything you could possibly need to survive the run of your life."

There was also warm up stretching at the starting line, carb loading and re-hydration stations.

"There was a viral 0.5K race in Texas, and I thought we should bring this to Lincoln," Misegadis said. "This is our first run, and the turnout is incredible, so we hope to make this an annual thing."

Participants dressed up in costumes, created teams and clever team names, and wore their medals from the start to the finish line.

All the money raised today goes to the Autism Society of Nebraska.

"It all stays right here in the state to help out people on the spectrum and families," Misegadis said. "Autism affects us all. And there's a lot of wonderful things about people on the spectrum and we wanna advocate and educate and we hope mostly that people on the spectrum live the fullest lives they possibly can."

If you missed today's 0.5K, you can still participate through a virtual run. You can get your t-shirt and medal mailed to you.

For more information, you can click here.