University of Nebraska system looking for students to participate in serviceship program

Published: Apr. 16, 2019 at 10:19 PM CDT
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A new program will help Nebraska university students not only make a little summer cash but also give back.

Serviceships are being offered this summer where students can work anywhere from two to 10 weeks to help people impacted by flooding, and get paid for their efforts.

The Nebraska Extension Office says so far they are working to match and place 40 students who have applied for the program with community leaders and areas best suited for their services.

Once assigned, the students could spend up to two and a half months living in the community they are assigned to serve.

The flood recovery serviceship program aims to bring relief to impacted areas in Nebraska, with the help of students in the Nebraska university system.

"This is really to invite students to get engaged in communities across Nebraska impacted by the flood and students who want to help but want to help in ways that are really useful to the community," said Chuck Hibberd who is the Dean & Director of the Nebraska Extension.

The program is being funded by a $250 thousand dollar investment from the University of Nebraska, which will help to pay students $12.50 an hour for their work.

"We’re asking for lodging options for these students or if they’re willing to stay at home if that’s an option,” said Hibberd. “The program will start mid-May and they can work anywhere from two weeks to 10 weeks."

Hibberd says that the work will vary and will depend greatly on the community hosts students are paired with.

"Working with the local flood recovery volunteer agency, helping manage volunteers, helping cleanup flooded parks or playgrounds,” said Hibberd. “Working with local senior centers. Maybe working with local libraries and providing a literacy program so that parents that have been flood victims can leave children there and the children can continue to have a good learning experience."

They're still looking for more students to apply - they're available to any student on any University of Nebraska campus. There's also an option of receiving class credit for service hours.