"Up with People" performers looking for host families

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - A legendary group is making its way to central Nebraska in August and they need your help with their mission.

Traveling "Up with People" group looking for host families

Up with People is an international nonprofit that travels the world with the goal of empowering change through music and action.

Grand Island will be the first stop on their tour around the world. The group of around 100 students will travel every week to a different city where they will stay with host families, do volunteer work and put on a produced performance.

Up with People said they had such a great reception last year that they wanted to come back again.

Right now, officials with Up with People are looking for host families who will let a cast member live with them for a week. Some things you will need to be willing to do is provide them a place to sleep, some meals and transportation.

The group will be in Grand Island August 26. - Sept. 2. They will do two small performances on August 29 at the Nebraska State Fair, but the big event will be on August 31 at 7 p.m. at Grand Island Senior High.

Up with People brings together people ages 17 to 29 together from all over the globe. Anyone can apply.

Belgium native Anne-Marie Brandstotter, who at one time performed with the group, is now working for Up with People to get things set up for the upcoming show. She said you don't have to be a singer or dancer to join Up with People.

She always wanted to travel and this was a way she was able to. It's something she has no regrets about.

Lorena Diaz Burgos said she had a different experience. Her family in Mexico actually hosted a cast member and that's how her involvement first began.

"I applied without knowing what I was getting into," she said.

She adds when she traveled with the organization she went to Rome and met the Pope, as well as traveled to Israel.

When asked if traveling each week became tiring, she said it does but you get to sleep when you are dead. Both women said they don't regret any single moment and they've gained so much through this experience.

This semester there are 99 people in the show, including Marilese Tridle from North Platte.

If you want to sign up to be a host family or are in the age range to see the world with this group, you can find more information HERE

The legendary Up With People group will be performing in Grand Island in August and need your help with places to stay.

Up With People will be in the Grand Island area Aug. 26 - Sep. 2. They are looking for host families for 100 people.

For more information visit: www.upwithpeople.org/

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