Victim catches thief in action, drags him out of vehicle

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LINCOLN, Neb. - A victim forcibly removed a suspect from his vehicle after he caught him attempting to steal his truck at a Lincoln gas station on Saturday.

The incident took place on Feb. 10 at 5 a.m. at Casey's Convenience Store, located near 55th and Superior streets.

An employee for General Excavating told police he left his pickup with an attached snow plow running in the parking lot of the store, and when he came back outside, a man was in the driver's seat attempting to steal it.

The victim forcibly removed the suspect from the vehicle, police said, and dragged him inside the store and asked employees to call police.

The suspect was able to break free, but police found the man a short time later at nearby bus stop.

Benjamin Moore, 24, was arrested for attempted auto theft.