Video shows student hit multiple times during apparent attack at Crete High School

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CRETE, Neb. -- A video of a student at Crete High School repeatedly striking another student in the head is garnering attention on social media, and raising questions about why it happened.

The incident, which took place Monday at Crete High School, appears to have been filmed by another student. The video shows the attack go on for nearly 30 seconds before any of the students or staff nearby intervene.

The family of both students involved tell 1011NOW problems between the two girls have been going on for weeks, and they don't feel they have been addressed by the school. Both families are now asking some of the same questions, including could this latest incident have been prevented?

Adam Nagengast, the father of the student being hit in the video, said they've had several meetings with school officials, but, "nothing keeps on getting done."

Both families say despite reporting the problems to the school, no plan or punishment has ever been given.

"There are a couple of teachers standing there watching before anything, it took a student to back the girl off her before they laid a hand on her," Nagengast said.

Mike Waters, the Superintendent of Crete Public Schools told 1011 NOW on Tuesday, "We did have an incident that is currently under investigation. It involves students at our school, so anything pertaining to discipline or what led up to the incident becomes a confidential matter." No other comment has been issued by the school at this time.

Crete Police said they are aware of the situation and are "acting on it."