Vietnam veteran remembers his time in the service

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - As Veterans Day approaches one Scottsbluff veteran replays his experience at the Vietnam War.

Tom Arends comes from a long line of military soldiers. His father fought on the beaches of Normandy in World War II and his brother enlisted just a few years before him. Tom has cousins that have served as well and he felt it was his patriotic duty to serve.

In 1966 Tom enlisted in the Marine Corp and did his basic training in San Diego. His next stop was a three week stint on the east coast before heading with a company headed for Vietnam.

During his time in Vietnam, Tom worked to fuel the tanks, Jeeps and trucks going out in the front lines and fighting. He worked with various locals and didn’t spend much time in towns like the rest of the guys but his experience was a positive one.

After his tour, he still had eight months left and so he went back to San Diego to fuel planes.

A Nebraska native, Tom now spends his time at the VFW and not on a base, but he enjoys sitting down with various veterans and playing bingo. He has also donated his dress greens to the Legacy of the Plains Museum.

You can see Tom and other veterans as they walk down East Overland for the Veterans Parade on Saturday at 11am. There will be a couple of cars that will have World War II veterans riding down the street as well.

As Tom says, Veterans Day is a day to honour those veterans and those serving in the military no matter if they have passed away or are still with us.